A critical examination of the Bilderberg Group based on in-depth research of the abundant information currently available. It is strongly urged that nothing should be believed until both sides of the argument have been heard. No information on this web site has been paid for by any member of the Bilderberg Group or their Associates.
The Bilderberg Group, as they have come to be known by the many conspiracy theorists who hound them, are the last hope and salvation for humankind. The group’s agenda is nothing less than the saving of civilization on a global scale. They recognize that the future must be free of the “us” versus “them” attitude, that the artificial borders separating communities must be broken down and freedom restored to all people, that the world is finite and her precious resources cannot be wasted, plundered, or poisoned. Their agents have erected the Georgia Guidestones to lay out a code of conduct and methods of necessity.

They have accomplished much in a very short period of time, and they have many good works left to complete. They have powerful enemies, elected dictators who refuse to release their stranglehold on enslaved populations, while old world power-brokers plot death in darkened rooms. They have also had substantial setbacks and heartbreaking casualties. Yet in spite of the dangers, these powerful champions persist in their efforts to steer humanity away from oblivion. They have fought a secret war to save the planet. Secret until now:


"It would have been impossible for us to develop our
plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright
lights of publicity during these years. But the world
is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards
a world government which will never again know war but
only peace and prosperity for the whole of humanity."  

David Rockefeller, Chairman
Bilderberg Group (1991)

The conspiracy theorists would have you believe that they are an elitist group of control freaks consumed by greed and power. Any critical examination of such theories leading to these conclusions can be easily recognized as ludicrous.  

So much information and disinformation is in circulation that it is almost impossible for the casual observer to know where the truth actually lies. You should be asking yourself some very important questions right now. Nobody has the right to tell you what to believe. Examine the facts and you will find the deceptions. Look at both sides of any argument and you will expose the truth. Be extremely wary of propaganda agents who aim to excite the populace with frenzied sermons and demand that action be taken. Zealots have ever been the tools of self- serving people with dark intentions.

How can you help the Bilderberg Group? Resist tyrants or fanatics who sell you paranoia, their falsehoods and treachery will always be exposed in the end. Be strong and fight injustice in any way that you can. Reason and think before you join a cause or perpetuate a supposed "truth". Live alongside nature and protect her in her time of most dire need. Most importantly, live free.