The strategy of the Bilderberg Group is intricately tied to the Georgia Guidestones which were anonymously paid for and unveiled in 1980. Therefore a brief description and history of the monument, including the messages contained thereon has been included. The Bilderberg agenda follows.


On one of the highest hilltops in Elbert County, Georgia stands a huge granite monument. Engraved in eight different languages on the four giant stones that support the capstone are ten Guides, or principles.

The monument is almost twenty feet tall, and made from six granite slabs weighing more than 100 tons. One slab stands in the center, with four arranged around it. A capstone lies on top of the five slabs.

An additional stone tablet, which is set in the ground a short distance to the west of the structure, provides some clarifying notes on the history of the Guidestones.    
A message is inscribed on the structure in eight modern languages. Moving clockwise around the structure from due north, these languages are: English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Ancient Chinese, and Russian. The message in English reads:

1.    Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
2.    Guide reproduction wisely - improving fitness and diversity.
3.    Unite humanity with a living new language.
4.    Rule passion - faith - tradition - and all things with tempered reason.
5.    Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
6.    Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
7.    Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
8.    Balance personal rights with social duties.
9.    Prize truth - beauty - love - seeking harmony with the infinite.
10.  Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.

The Bilderberg Group members do not have armies or private police forces. They are wealthy individuals that work by supporting people and founding organizations that can forward their progressive agenda. Many of their choices have been correct, a few have been completely wrong, and other choices remain a matter of opinion. 
What follows is an interpretation of the Bilderberg agenda accompanied by methods of implementation and argument:

1. Stabilize and reduce the global population. Stabilizing the world's population by expanding the middle class, raising the global standard of living, and educating the populace. Reducing the population is accomplished by providing contraceptive and life options to all peoples.

* Nothing in their mandates suggest any other method, and this includes the wild assertions that a plan will be implemented to rapidly eliminate the world's population.

2. Improve and diversify the human race. Ensuring the advancement of humanity by allowing life choices based on rational decisions, and not as a result of poverty, desperation, or ignorance. This includes the use of medical innovation to ensure better health in all children. Just as the stones themselves were written in many and diverse languages, so should the mating of peoples not be limited by racism, fear, ignorance, or false barriers.

* Nothing in their mandates advocates the use of eugenics or selective breeding.

3. Communication creates peace. As race becomes less important, the last great barrier segregating the peoples of planet earth is language. A universal language will eventually be introduced. There is no intention of destroying individual cultures as the universal language is not intended to replace a peoples native tongue.

* Nothing in their mandates suggests that the universal language will be introduced as an elitist tool.

4. The good of the whole is put before the exceptions of the individual. Fanaticism cannot be allowed to impose itself on a society, thereby causing harm. Follow a personal code of conduct, but not at the expense or harm of others.

* Nothing in their mandates suggests intolerance to religious, political, or life-style choices.

5. Laws, and the enforcement of laws must protect the public. The dictators and tyrants must be removed and the rights and freedoms of the individual preserved. Many methods are being used to eliminate tyranny, and the most effective to date has been the building of trade agreements.

* Nothing in their mandates advocates the subjugation, bondage, or control of the individual.

6. Let national disputes be settled by a court comprised of all countries. The lack of an effective world court opens the door to endless conflicts between nations. Methods of communication, mediation, and resolution are vital components in the drive towards global peace.

* Nothing in their mandates suggests the creation of a global police state or a global dictatorship.

7. Restore freedom by eliminating all superfluous laws. The rules that govern society should protect people and property, anything else is bloated bureaucracy or serves a selective agenda (such as religious rule).

* Nothing in their mandates advocates the removal of personal choice or responsibility.

8. A society that serves justifies a serving of society. When the majority of people are part of the middle class, it is the responsibly of the majority to continue the improvement of society.

* Nothing in their mandate suggest the enslaving of humanity or a return to serfdom.

9. Personal liberty and self-enlightenment. Personal enlightenment through art, science, philosophy, and religion which can only be pursued by a people who are not in conflict, poverty, or ignorance.

* Nothing in their mandate suggests the forming of a world religion or belief system.

10. As nature provides, provide for nature. Maintaining a sustainable population with sustainable policies and practices.

* Nothing in their mandate advocates the culling of the masses into prison like mega-cities.